New Email Encryption Offered by Burkhart & Company

Effective February 2, 2009, Burkhart & Company, P.C. will utilize ZixMail email encryption software for all emails containing confidential information such as social security numbers, financial data, bank account numbers, or any other information deemed sensitive by the client, recipient, or our firm. This process will eliminate the need for password protection of individual attachments.

The process is simple and self-explanatory once you receive the initial encrypted email. When you receive the first encrypted email from our firm, you will be asked to establish a password that is connected to your email address. Once you log in to the software, you will be able to read the email within the encryption portal. Click here for specific instructions.

The encryption software is a web-based portal, so your registration is based on your email address. You will not have to re-register to receive encrypted emails at different workstations or terminal locations. We recommend retyping your email and password each time you enter the software, rather than allowing your computer to automatically save this information.

Please note that you have two options for replying to an encrypted email. If you reply within the encrypted portal, your response will be encrypted as well. If you reply outside of the encrypted portal (to the initial email from the firm notifying you that you have an encrypted email), your reply will not be encrypted. Click here for specific instructions.

Please be aware that you cannot initiate a new encrypted email from your workstation since the licensed software is installed on the Burkhart & Company network.

Also note that not all emails received from Burkhart & Company will be encrypted, but only those containing sensitive information.

If you have any questions upon receiving your initial encrypted email, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the greatest security possible to our clients.