Anna Tilson, CPA
Tax Supervisor

Personal Formation and Forte

Anna graduated Summa Cum Laude and as top graduate of the College of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and then a Master of Accountancy degree with a Tax concentration. Before starting her master’s degree program, Anna interned with Burkhart and Company. After receiving her master’s degree, Anna and her husband moved to Texas so that he could pursue his Master of Divinity, and during their four years there, Anna worked at a big four accounting firm and at one of the largest accounting firms in Central Texas. After her husband received his master’s degree, he and Anna moved back to Knoxville, and Anna once again joined the Burkhart team.

Anna comes from a close-knit, supportive family. Because of that, she has always placed high value in knowing and loving others which transfers over to her relationships with coworkers and clients. Anna’s positive and encouraging demeanor make her a joy to work with, and her sound judgement coupled with her persistence make her an invaluable member of the team.

Turning Points


  • After deciding to major in English, realizing she preferred the professionalism and structure of her business classes and making the decision to pursue a career in accounting, following in the footsteps of both of her parents.
  • Moving to Texas and discovering what it is like to start a life in a completely new environment after having lived in East Tennessee for 24 years.
  • Discovering a special affinity for helping entrepreneurs manage taxes at the enterprise level as well as the personal level.


Practice Emphasis

As a member of the professional team, Anna’s areas of focus include:


  • Accounting, trial balance reconciliation and financial reporting,
  • Tax compliance and planning for businesses and complex individuals, and
  • Special projects such as transaction analysis, basis tracking and state taxation.


Broader Interests

Anna and her husband, Adam, love creating a cozy, hospitable environment and hosting friends and family whenever possible. Anna loves to cook and has always been a home-body. She has an adorable and rambunctious dog, Bauer, who never wants to leave her side. Outside the home, she loves to explore new places, particularly cities, and she loves a good coffee shop.