Micah Jackson, CPA
Senior Tax Associate

Personal Formation and Forte

Micah graduated Cum Laude from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. He was drawn to personal financial planning and analytics upon his first exposure to them in school. This led to a career stretch in banking and investments where he focused on developing comprehensive financial plans for clients. It was there that he decided to progress toward the specializations of accounting and taxation. Micah integrates all his natural talents, education and professional experience in serving clients with a well-rounded perspective.

Micah is a hard-working, self-motivated individual who was influenced by his parents who exercised a weekly discipline of balancing the family finances and openly discussing them. The accountability, hard work, and motivation he grew up with became his own. He fully understands the power of responsible financial management and the “good life” that such responsibility affords. He welcomes technical challenges and has earned a reputation for being willing to take on complex, intensive work with a great attitude and capability.

Turning Points


  • Seeing first-hand the rewards of being a good steward and the power of compounding.
  • Realizing the satisfaction, joy and rewards of completing each assignment in life with best efforts.
  • Working at a financial planning firm for four years where he experienced the gratification of helping others toward achieving their life goals and objectives.


Practice Emphasis


As a member of our firm’s professional team, Micah’s areas of focus include:

  • Tax compliance and planning for businesses, family partnerships, trusts and individuals,
  • Family office services and financial planning, and
  • Accounting and financial reporting.


Broader Interests

Micah loves beach time, lake time, family cook-outs, golf, fishing and simply relaxing outdoors. His wife, Jordan, is his companion in all these things and has been since high school days. They are happy to be among the beautiful natural resources in East Tennessee and are putting down deep roots for the long haul.