Our professional team cares about their clients and their careers. They have chosen to serve in a niche firm where they can drive expertise towards a bank of active and challenging clients. In this context they strive to continuously learn and develop their unique talents.

As iron sharpens iron, our professionals are people who are never satisfied with the status quo and challenge each other in all aspects of their lives. They have the privilege of serving people of great accomplishment, clients and colleagues alike. Their work is like a school, providing ongoing lessons in success and failure, start-ups and exits, ambition and resignation. Our team members are often reminded of the important human qualities of grace, humility, courage and understanding.

Recognizing the virtue of interdependence, our team maintains a high level of accountability and commitment to the firm’s vision and strategic plans. At the same time, there is life-giving camaraderie and banter among team members, making for a fun and invigorating work environment.