Samantha Moore, CPA
Senior Tax Associate

Personal Formation and Forte

Samantha graduated with honors from Lee University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. As a teenager she displayed a spunky work ethic and exceptional leadership qualities. She joined Chick-fil-A at the age of fifteen and quickly rose through the ranks to become an assistant manager, a position that she retained through the remainder of her high school and college years. While in this environment, Samantha learned volumes about best practices in customer service, operational efficiency, standardized processes and business strategy. Upon graduation, Samantha was promoted to the position of general manager taking on arduous duties such as staffing and supervision, managing inventory and negotiating contracts with local vendors.

Samantha's experience in a food chain now famous for its world-class service has been a valuable springboard into her work for enterprising clients. Her teammates can confidently entrust challenging tax compliance and financial planning projects to her. Her laser focus and desire to deliver beyond expectations make her a pacesetter. She knows the importance of looking at all sides of an issue. While being mature beyond her years, Samantha creates a fun atmosphere around her and draws people with her you-first mentality.

Turning Points


  • Discovering the humble path to leadership as she worked her way from the bottom up to become the high school stage manager for the drama club and editor for the yearbook club.
  • Encountering a professor who saw her potential and opened the door to a professional career that demands the coupling of keen technical skills with relational intelligence.
  • Being mentored by a boss who treated her like a daughter, holding her accountable and challenging her to go find her highest, most meaningful professional calling even if it meant her leaving the company.


Practice Emphasis

As a member of the professional team, Samantha's areas of focus include:


  • Accounting, trial balance reconciliation and financial reporting,
  • Tax compliance and planning for businesses and complex individuals, and
  • Special projects such as transaction analysis, basis tracking and state taxation.


Broader Interests

Samantha is richly blessed with a close-knit family. It is obvious that her character has been formed by her parents and other influence makers who have shown her the path to a good life. She regularly digests books on leadership and spiritual formation. The youngest of four, she cherishes her sibling time whether it be recreating in the beauty of East Tennessee or discovering far afield. She enjoys cross cultural travel, especially when she can incorporate her outdoor avocations of exercising, kayaking, and exploring nature. Her travels have been diversified including trips to Vietnam, Europe, and coast to coast in North America.